La importancia del bilingüismo

instituto yesmayo 5 2016

Carlos Gonzalez, a 17 year old from Puebla, Mexico, was invited to be part of an exchange program offered by the Rotary Club of his hometown. The program was to visit and be part of the senior year at Booker T. Washington high school in Dallas Texas. It was not easy to qualify and complete the required paperwork in order to make it into such great experience.

Finally, when everything was approved and his visa granted, he traveled from Mexico City to Dallas where his host family was waiting for him. So far, everything was going smoothly and two weeks later he enrolled and began his last year of high school as an exchange student.

The only problem Carlos was facing was his little knowledge of English but little by little he realized that he was catching on to a better understanding of the language by watching T.V. , listening to music and speaking to his new acquaintances.

One evening a group of friends invited Carlos to go to a concert to listen to a Hip Hop band that was performing at a not so distant auditorium. He was so happy he had been invited that he gladly accepted. The evening was a pleasant one but on the way home something terrible happened. As Carlos was returning home by himself in a hurry he started to cut corners by walking across the front yards of his neighbors; something not permitted by the laws of that state. Pretty soon a police car showed up and then one of the cops asked him “to freeze”. Not being able to understand the meaning of this word he started running. The police officer repeated the command many times which was ignored by the young Mexican due to his poor knowledge of English.

Since he refused to stop the policeman pulled the trigger of his gun and killed the youngster immediately. His body was returned to his native Puebla where everybody still mourns his untimely death.

Another meaning of the word “freeze” is to keep still.